About Linda Hill

Moving to New York over a decade ago, Linda Hill has made a name for herself in the world of alternative comedy and downtown theatre, hosting the "No Shame" series for two years at the Joseph Papp Public Theatre, co-founding the Movie of the Month Club and starring in several of their underground films and premiering 5 separate solo character shows including Incognito Sex, Too Many Clothes and Star 69. Her characters such as blues singer, Miss Angel Drake and performance poet, Negateeva have done entire solo shows as themselves receiving recognition without the public realizing that they were in fact Linda Hill. Hill even went so far as to stage a feud with herself as Angel that the press covered for several months.  

Although she has worked with Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Father Guido Sarducci, directed emmy winner, Camryn Mannheim's solo show, "Wake Up I'm Fat!" and appeared on PBS, Cinemax and HBO as a George Carlin's discovery, to date her biggest thrill was to meet and become friends with Miss Minnie Pearl, who brought her to Nashville for the Ralph Emery show, Nashville Now. Currently Linda is doing a personal homage to Miss Minnie with her character, Lindy Loo, who appears frequently with the Gotham Rodeo Gang an a big part of her solo show, Big City Hick.